Hunsbury Park Primary

Agreed minutes of Full Governors' meetings are available in the school office.

Our School Governing Body is as follows:

Type of governor



Mrs Maxine Rayne


Parent Governor

Mr James Dorrill
Headteacher Mrs Gail Barnshaw
Staff Governor (Elected) Miss Kate Waddy
Parent Governor Mrs Su Wagstaff-Jones
Parent Governor (Elected) Adaeze William-Gauntlett
Parent Governor  Mrs Sundip Sahota
 Co-opted  Mr Graham Clark
Co-opted Mrs Dawn Wilson
Co-opted Mr Daniel York
Clerk Kirsty Buttle

 To view the Full Governing Body roles and responsibilities click here.

Governor Description

Maxine Rayne - Chair

Maxine is the owner of Campers pre-school and before and after school club (which is situated in the Hunsbury Park Primary School grounds). She became a HPPS school governor in May 2008 and was elected as the chair of the school governing body in October 2011. As well as being chair of the governors Maxine also serves on two committees; Finance and Personnel and Premises. Both of her children attended HPPS when they were younger and now two of her grandchildren attend the school. Maxine’s hobbies are gardening and reading, as well as spending time with her four grandchildren.

 Jim Dorrill - Vice Chair

James joined the governing body in 2015 in order to support the school in delivering the best education it can to its children and ensuring they are safe. He believes that every child should be challenged in their education. He works as a Fire Officer in Northamptonshire and currently is the Head of Training and Development. He recently became a member of the British Psychological Society by passing his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and was particularly interested in child development and learning.

His eldest of two daughters’ attends the school and when not at work or looking after them he undertakes cycling and rock climbing as hobbies.    

Kate Waddy – Staff Governor

Kate who is the elected Staff Governor joined the Governing Body in April 2013. Kate attended Northampton University and studied BA Primary Education with QTS. She graduated as a primary school teacher and joined HPPS in September 2012 as NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher).

Kate currently teaches in the Year One Leopards class and runs the Yoga club alongside Mrs Barnshaw. Kate has a keen interest in ICT and Art and is very enthusiastic about the safety of children online. Kate leads E-Safety in the school and the Computing Curriculum. She also leads a small group children called 'Digital Leaders' who help promote and inspire Computing in the school. Kate is the SENCO for Speech, Language and Communication
Needs in the school and is currently attending Northampton University to complete the SENCo Accreditation award.

Her hobbies include yoga, travelling and photography.

Gail Barnshaw - Head Teacher

Mrs Barnshaw has been at Hunsbury Park Primary School since 1993, first as the Deputy Head Teacher and then, from 1998, as Head Teacher. She is now teaching children of the children she first taught!

Mrs Barnshaw tries to keep fit and active. She likes to spend her holidays walking, especially in the mountains of Scotland and anywhere else in Europe. She also loves going to the gym on most school day mornings to get ready for the day ahead. More recently she has taken up horse riding lessons which was a childhood dream, only just realised. She passionately believes that one should never stop learning!

Su Wagstaff Jones - Parent Governor

I am currently working, part time, as a primary school teacher in Northampton. I have been teaching in Primary Education for 13 years and have extensive knowledge of the policies and commitment needed to make a school successful and thrive.  Within my teaching role I have worked with many different services within the community; fire service, JRSO scheme, recycling schemes, and PCSO’s. I am also responsible for implementing learning for the pond and environment of the school.  I am committed to my daughter’s education and to those of the community. In my spare time I enjoy swimming, in particular open water swimming, and walking. 

Adaeze William-Gauntlett – Parent Governor

Graduated as an Electrical/Electronic Engineer and acquired a Master’s Degree in Computing and Information Technology. Worked in various Engineering and IT fields but has always had a great flair in tutoring/teaching.

Adaeze’s great passion is in building learners’ confidence; encouraging students’ development in learning in a positive and constructive way, which drove her to acquire a PGCE/QTS in Secondary Mathematics.

Adaeze’s hobbies are: reading, swimming, playing the guitar, craftwork, computer, IT and graphic designing.

 Dawn Wilson - Local Authority

Dawn has lived in Northampton for 24 years and worked for TSB for most of that time, gaining promotion to Branch Manager 9 years ago. Dawn has experience giving presentations in schools and also experience of running a youth volleyball team.  

Dawn has been looking to do more voluntary work since her time as a Games maker at the Londin 2012 Olympics and she hopes that her work and life experience will make her a useful member of the governing body.

Daniel York - Co-opted





To view the Full Governing Body attendance for meetings this year click here.

The Governing Body is accountable to all of the school stakeholders including the pupils, staff, parents carers and the local community.

They work with the Head Teacher to raise standards of achievement for all pupils at the school, to set the budget and to oversee the curriculum. 

They also have powers with respect to the appointment and dismissal of staff and the exclusion and re-instatement of pupils.

Some of the Governing Body's tasks include:

  • Considering, agreeing and monitoring the School's annual budget;
  • Developing and agreeing school policies and procedures;
  • Ensuring the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum in line with the national curriculum;
  • Ensuring that all stakeholders are enabled to provide feedback or complaints;
  • Celebrating the School, pupil and staff successes;
  • Acting as a critical friend to the school.

Currently our Governing Body has vacancies for a ParentGovernor and a Community Governor. Please email the governors or ask at the school office if you require further information.

You may contact our governors directly by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Full training and support is provided to any applicant who wishes to join our Governing body.

If you are interested in joining our Governing body you are welcome to email any questions or queries to the governor email above.

Keeping Safe at HPPS

  • Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.
  • The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Gail Barnshaw (Head teacher).
  • The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead are Mrs Jo Fantarrow and Mrs Helen Bambridge.

When coming into HPPS please remember:

  • Personal mobile phones are NOT allowed to be used or available for use whilst working with a child, group or class. This is to safeguard both the child/ren and you.  This is a non-negotiable rule.
  • Visitors or staff who do not have full DBS clearance wear a YELLOW lanyard.  This means they are NOT allowed to work unsupervised with a pupil or group.