Behaviour & Engagement

In school, we want all our children to feel safe, happy and excited to come to school. We expect excellent behaviour and good manners from all of our pupils all of the time. We know you, as parents, feel this is important too.

Our children are expected to follow the school rules and are praised for doing so. Good behaviour is recognised and rewarded first and when the rules are not followed, the children have to be able to accept the consequences of their behaviour choices.

3 clear school rules define our behaviour policy

3 clear school rules define our behaviour policy

The children are expected to follow these clear and concise rules in all that they do in school whether this is in the classroom, on the playground, in the hall at lunchtime or indeed when they are out on an educational visit. We use positive reinforcement of these rules by praising the children who make the right choices. Positive behaviour is rewarded using our whole school house points system. This is supported by regular, weekly and half termly awards which praise the children’s efforts and attitudes (please see the behaviour policy for further details).

Unacceptable behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour is managed at Hunsbury Park through a staged approach where consequences are in place. Consequences may be used to reinforce a rule.  All pupils are encouraged to be aware of the reason for rules and are given the opportunity to make amends. The children know if they choose to break the rules they have to accept the consequences. In order to help the children to make the right choices we use a consistent staged approach to behaviour (please see behaviour policy for further details).

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