Hunsbury Park Primary

The Hive is our DSP (Designated Special Provision) base. It is set up to be a home from home. There are aspects of both home and school there to help ease the children from the home into the school environment.

The Early Bird Club happens before school, to welcome specific children into school to help with the transition between home and school.

We are open for specific children at playtime and lunchtime to help reduce playground problems and build resilience to being with other children in a smaller group before accessing the playground.

We offer programmes during the day for children who are struggling with a specific aspect of school life. It could be a group intervention to build friendships, a one to one intervention to boost self-esteem, Nurture group or bereavement work.

Please ask to speak to Mrs Vickers, Mrs Riley or Mrs Fennell if you feel we can help.

Wellbeing - the Hive

Wellbeing - The Hive

Keeping Safe at HPPS

  • Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.
  • The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mr Dan York (Head teacher).
  • The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead are Mrs Jo Fantarrow and Mrs Helen Bambridge.

When coming into HPPS please remember:

  • Personal mobile phones are NOT allowed to be used or available for use whilst working with a child, group or class. This is to safeguard both the child/ren and you.  This is a non-negotiable rule.
  • Visitors or staff who do not have full DBS clearance wear a YELLOW lanyard.  This means they are NOT allowed to work unsupervised with a pupil or group.