Hunsbury Park Primary

“All children have a right to feel safe all of the time.”

When is it a bullying incident?

  • We have identified that a bullying incident is when intentional harm (physical, verbal, cyber, emotional) is caused to another three times or more. We are not complacent about any bullying incident, however we recognise that children are at the very early stages of understanding relationships and appropriate behaviour towards others. It is therefore a calm, restorative approach to counsel all involved. We remind the children of the acronym:  STOP! i.e. Several   Times   On   Purpose!
  • This will also depend on the teacher’s discretion but teachers should also seek advice from SLT if in doubt.
  • This may also be one major incident rather than three minor incidents. 

Advice for staff on unkind behaviour and bullying

  • All class teachers have an ‘Unkind behaviour towards others’ log book to record any ‘minor’ incident causing intentional harm to another (including physical, verbal, cyber bullying).
  • All incidents to be logged in the book with date, time and names of children involved with a brief description of incident.

What should you do when a bullying incident occurs?

Other relevant documents to read are the Anti-Bullying Policy for pupils, staff and parents & “Anti-Bullying Information Leaflet” booklet for parents, both saved in the shared area.
‘Unkind Behaviour towards others’ incident recording form (PALE BLUE) can be found in the staff room. These should be completed by the class teacher.
‘Unkind Behaviour towards others’ Lunchtime Supervisor Recording form (YELLOW) can be found in the staff room. These should be passed onto the class teacher personally or put into their pigeon holes.

Anti-Bullying Information

Keeping Safe at HPPS

  • Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.
  • The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Gail Barnshaw (Head teacher).
  • The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead are Mrs Jo Fantarrow and Mrs Helen Bambridge.

When coming into HPPS please remember:

  • Personal mobile phones are NOT allowed to be used or available for use whilst working with a child, group or class. This is to safeguard both the child/ren and you.  This is a non-negotiable rule.
  • Visitors or staff who do not have full DBS clearance wear a YELLOW lanyard.  This means they are NOT allowed to work unsupervised with a pupil or group.