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Our curriculum is ambitious, diverse and research driven


At Hunsbury Park Primary School, we believe that all children can and will achieve in their Maths learning. All staff are committed to the teaching of Mathematics, promoting it as an enjoyable and fundamental part of life. Our daily Maths sessions empower children and enable them to successfully challenge and embrace a love for Maths. 

We follow a Mastery style curriculum through the implementation of White Rose across the whole school, providing the children with the opportunity to develop mathematical concepts, improve fluency in calculation and apply their mathematical knowledge to the wider curriculum.

We aim to provide opportunities for children to work with concrete resources, pictorially and in an abstract form to both consolidate and deepen their mathematical knowledge. From early years, the children are fully immersed into Maths through a wide exposure to number and this is delivered by our staff in an engaging, creative way. This continues through the school where teachers are passionate about the delivery of Maths and exploring what children are capable of. We work with outside agencies such as the Enigma Maths Hub to continuously develop our own practice and enable staff to be trained fully on the mastery approach to Mathematics.

At Hunsbury Park Primary school, we aim to deliver an ambitious curriculum that:

  • Develops a positive attitude towards the subject of Maths and the awareness of how Maths links to everyday life
  • Creates and develops confidence and competence across the whole subject
  • Strengthens number skills to give the children a strong foundation in the subject
  • Promotes problem solving through mathematical reasoning and discussion
  • Develops a practical understanding of the subject of Maths by using concrete apparatus to build subject knowledge
  • Supports mathematical fluency to allow the children to develop the fundamentals in Maths
  • Provides increasingly more complex problems over time so that children’s understanding, ability to recall and apply knowledge develops further
  • Enables children to makes links and spot patterns in Maths, allowing them to strengthen their conceptual understanding of the subject

Statutory requirements for the teaching and learning of Maths are laid out in the National Curriculum in England: Framework Document (2014).


Staff use White Rose Maths Schemes of Learning as a starting point in order to develop a coherent and comprehensive conceptual pathway through the mathematics. The focus is on the whole class progressing together and collaborative planning with year group colleagues is encouraged to ensure consistency.

In line with the Teaching for Mastery approach, learning is broken down into small, connected steps, building from what pupils already know, driven by research around how children learn. Contexts and representations are carefully chosen to develop reasoning skills and to help pupils link concrete ideas to abstract mathematical concepts. The use of high-quality materials and tasks to support learning and provide access to the mathematics is integrated into lessons. These may include White Rose Maths Schemes of Learning and Assessment Materials, Power Maths textbook activities, NCETM Mastery Assessment materials, NRICH, ISeeMaths, visual images and concrete resources.

Maths sessions at Hunsbury Park are taught daily to introduce, consolidate and strengthen either new or previously taught concepts. Teachers plan for and address misconceptions arising from White Rose sessions to ensure that all children are developing their mathematical understanding. All areas of Maths are taught in line with the National curriculum with each year group given sufficient time to embed the mathematical concept.

White Rose has a clear focus on Fluency, Reasoning and Solving Problems. This is supported by conceptual and procedural variation and mathematical thinking. This focus is adopted by Hunsbury Park where the approach to all mathematical concepts allows the children to work within a concrete, pictorial and abstract context. Resources are made readily available within Hunsbury Park so that all children have access to them.

The implementation is further outlined in both our Maths Strategy and Fluency Strategy.


By the time children leave Hunsbury Park Primary School to go onto secondary school, we aim for our children to be competent, confident mathematicians that are prepared for KS3. We strive to support our children in achieving economic well-being by equipping them with a range of mathematical skills and the ability to solve problems in a variety of contexts. We want our children to be aspirational and by creating a positive attitude towards Maths, we aim to equip our children with the necessary life skills with which they can succeed in later education and life.


Assessment is an essential part of teaching and learning and it is a continuous process which is used every day at Hunsbury Park.

Within Maths, formative assessment is used daily as a teaching tool, allowing class teachers to plan for and address misconceptions and misunderstandings. Regular formative assessment is used to feedback to children, ensuring that the children are aware of targets and improvements as well as the knowledge that they are building on their learning. This is done through:

  • Daily marking of work
  • Analysing and addressing misconceptions
  • Adapting planning to cater for misunderstandings
  • Asking questions
  • Challenging and probing children’s responses
  • Facilitating discussions and making observations
  • Retrieval tasks (e.g. Flashback 4)

Maths sessions are marked daily to address and plan for the children’s understandings. For specific marking and feedback comments, please refer to the marking and feedback policy.

Summative assessments are carried out three times per year in Maths in order to track children’s process. These results are shared with the children so that they can have a sense of achievement and recognise their progress in Maths. This also allows staff to analyse the assessments and address both individual and class misunderstandings that may need revisiting.




At Hunsbury Park Primary School we believe that inclusive education means providing all pupils with appropriate education and support alongside their peers. In Maths, this is no different. Our Teaching for Mastery approach allows for all children to be taken on a journey through small steps and effective scaffolding, allowing all children to achieve. Where necessary, additional intervention and adult support will help foster a love for Maths and a positive attitude towards what can be achieved.

How Does Maths Promote British Values?

computing 4

Democracy - Children take into account the views of others during every Maths sessions, encouraging both support and challenge to mathematical problems.

The Rule of Law - Children at Hunsbury Park follow the behaviour promise during Maths tasks and activities, for the benefit of all.

Individual Liberty - Children have the freedom of speech within Maths sessions to openly discuss and challenge their mathematical thinking.

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs - We have an inclusive culture within both the school and Maths where children are encouraged to share their mathematical strategies that they may have learnt from different cultures.

Mutual Respect - Children work together effectively in teams, take turns and share equipment. They review the work of their classmates respectfully and work collaboratively on projects and problems, helping and advising others.


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